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Anon goggles feature a variety of styles and colors to fit any wardrobe, and come in models for both men and women. many models feature interchangeable straps so you can switch straps with friends, giving you the protection you need with the look that you want.

Many of Anon's goggles feature injected lens technology in which lenses are injected into preformed shapes in order to enhance clarity and reduce refraction. Several of Anon's goggles feature spherical lens technology designed to limit distortion and provide acute vision of the slope ahead. Several other goggles feature a panoramic profile that uses a lens that is thicker in the middle and thinner on the edges to limit distortion and enhance your view.

Anon offers a full range of lens colors so you can purchase goggles for the light conditions you ride in. Some options include clear for night riding, red ice for flat variable light conditions, silver mirror for bright days, and gold for versatile protection. Available lens tints vary by model.

Fit is the final piece of the puzzle when it comes to snowboard goggles. If the goggle doesn't fit right, all the anti-fogging and optic technology in the world isn't going to mean much. In order to help provide the perfect fit many Anon goggles feature an auto-adjust strap hinge that allows for quick adjustment from head to helmet. Whether you're riding with a helmet or without, you can get the right fit quickly and get out and ride.

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