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Lib Technologies is an American snowboard manufacturer in Sequim, WA. Lib Tech is known for its radically innovatice approach to the snowboard design. Mike Olson, founder of Lib Tech, built his first snowboard in 1977, and by 1984 he was making snowboard full time in an old racehorse barn for Mervin Manufacturing. Lib Tech is known for pioneering innovative technology in snowboard, skate and surf profucts.


Gravitating away from the long, smoothly curving sidewall and edge of a traditional snowboard, Lib Tech's Magne-Traction technology employs a "serrated" edge consisting of seven bumps in the sidewall. Since its debut, Magne-Traction has been generally well received by both reviewers and the general snowboard community, winning more than 15 Transworld Good Wood Awards and over 20 Future magazine awards.

Banana Technology

Traditionally, Snowboards are built with camber - the gentle arch formed in between the baord's contact points when placed on a flat surface. This technology was originally designed for skis with 1 contact point. Snowboards, however, have two areas of pressure leaving the rider unable to depress the center of the snowboard, leaving a dead zone. Banana technology does away with this "dead zone" by reversing the snowboard's camber between the rider's feet. Rather than arcing upward like traditionally cambered boards, Banana Technology arcs downwards, allowing the board to rest on it's center point when placed on a flat surface. It adds catch free tips and tails for jibs, rails, and forgiving landings.  It adds pre-bent rocker between your feet for edge hold and carving, and it adds tip and tail float in powder.

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