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The perfect bindings is more than a mechanism.  It's more than a tool.  It's more than the sum of baseplate, highback, straps and hardware.  The perfect binding is a catalyst to creating the ultimate connection between rider and board - and that connection spells freedom.

For the past eight years, the Union Binding Company has been dedicated to crafting that connection—flawlessly uniting snowboard and rider through next-level comfort and technology, progressive performance, and dependable, durable components. We are an independent brand founded on supplying snowboarders with the best bindings on the planet. Product has always come first, and we build it for snowboarders who thrash their gear and expect it to survive.

Our history speaks for itself. Union blew doors in its very first year by building an elite binding that was totally bombproof. With a zero warranty-return rate, we knew we'd created our foundation for the future. During the following years, we continued to develop and pioneered new materials and processes to the binding market—becoming the first snowboard company to utilize things like Extruded Aluminum, Injected Magnesium, Machined Coring™, Meta Fuse Nano Technology, and the list goes on…

Moving into this year, Union is proud to have made improvements across the entire line and written yet another chapter of product design and progression. Working exclusively with Dupont ™ Zytel ® ST, we continue our commitment to building the lightest, strongest, and best riding snowboard bindings on the market.

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